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Nuna Leaf - Why It's Cool

Now Available! The brand new Nuna Leaf Swing. Inspired by the carefree float of a leaf on a breeze, the LEAF baby seat treats baby to a similarly mesmerizing ride.

 Nuna Leaf Swing Colors



Whether it’s a motor-free ride to newborn dreamland, a wiggle party once they’re walking, or a crash pad after a hard day on the preschool playground, LEAF is both revolutionary and evolutionary—and endurance-tested up to a whopping 130 lbs. That should keep them rocking out for years!

Nuna Leaf Swing

The Nuna Leaf is great for newborns but will last your baby well into their childhood and adult years as it holds 130lbs, and can actually withstand up to 100lbs more.  The actual base itself weighs in at just 10.8lbs and dissembles for easy travel and store.

A unique feature of the Nuna Leaf is its serene design relying solely on the kinetic energy of one tap in combination with the baby’s weight, to sway back and forth. This design is pleasing for environmentally conscious individuals and those who want to save on their electric bill. The seamless and inaudible operation contributes to the Leaf being tranquil, green and cost effective.

The Nuna company has made beeing green and eco-friendly a priority! The Nuna Leaf is perfect for environmentally conscious parents, and will fit right in with any elegantly designed room.  It will last throughout a child’s development and can be a great option for parents who love to travel because it is lightweight and easy to store.

Available here in 3 great colors! Bisque, Navy, and Twilight.

smart design

  • elegant, serene design feels right at home in the living room
  • motion lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over 2 minutes
  • no batteries, no cords, no buzz, no noise
  • plush, cushy Oeko-Tex® certified fabric made with a skin friendly pH and free of harmful substances and pesticides
  • 100 percent organic cotton insert is soft and light
  • easily locks stationary for feeding or playtime
  • pops out of base for easy storage or quick trips
  • evolves with baby to big-kid size
  • perfect angle for both playing and napping
  • mesh backing provides little breezes