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Child Care
Now that you have your baby, what are you planning on doing for child care? Everyone needs some type of child care, whether it's for work or just for an occasional date with your spouse or friends. Motherhood is a demanding more-than-full-time job, and you are entitled to some time off. Even if you're not quite ready yet, now is the time to prepare.
Infant Development
How is your baby developing? See our infant development section to see what baby is doing now!
Nursing Baby
One of the great joys (and pains) of being a new mom is nursing your baby. Nursing gives you and your baby numerous health benefits, as well as a time to bond. See below for our answers to your nursing questions.
Postpartum Body And Mind Issues
Congratulations on being a new mom! What an exciting AND tiring time in your life. The first few weeks will seem to go in a blur as you learn how to care for your newborn baby. SmartMomma is behind you as you learn to live a whole different lifestyle, full of demands and joys. Remember, we're all in this together!

Labor Not What You Expected?

After regularly attending your birth classes and writing your Birth Plan, you are looking forward to your labor in anticipation. Maybe you decide you want a vaginal birth in a hospital setting with an epidural. You don’t want an episiotomy and you don’t want any additional medication. You can’t wait for the time you will be holding your just born baby in your arms and nursing for the first time.

Your due date comes and goes and your OB determines that you need to be induced. Your baby is getting larger every day, and your pelvis is relatively small. On the day you are induced, your labor is going relatively to plan. You get your epidural and the pitocin is started. You labor for over twelve hours, yet you only dilate to 2 cm, well short of the 10 cm needed to deliver.

The OB comes in and says the words you’re dreading to hear: “ C-section”. This was not in your birth plan! The C-section happens regardless and you go through the whole recovery process before you are able to see and hold your baby. You feel ashamed that you had given up on your plan.

You feel that you were robbed, because you always pictured your warm baby being pulled gently from your womb and placed on your belly where you could hold and love him. What you did not picture was that he would be cut out of your uterus with a scalpel and taken to a sterile room for a medical evaluation, while your are left to be stitched up. Your emotions are in turmoil and you feel like a failure as a mother already.

This scenario is not uncommon. Most births do NOT go “as planned”. While it is a good idea to have a Birth Plan, many times that plan is not followed in the end. There are complications that may come up and are a part of the birth process. These complications are not your fault. You’re no less of a mother than the woman in the next room that had her baby with no meds at all. You both love your babies tremendously. You both will go home with your babies and take great care of them. You are a mom, no matter how your baby came into this world. Be proud of yourself; be proud of your baby. Look on the bright side! C-section babies have rounder heads!

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