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Which Diet is Best For Me?
Why you should eat some carbs and exercise!
Fit & Healthy: Which diet is best for me?

Need a little more help getting back into those jeans? Try one of these diet and/or fitness programs online today! – The latest and greatest in low carb dieting, the South Beach Diet now has a website where you can use tools such as visual weight loss tracking charts, nutrition tool and meal planner, shopping list generator, journal, and message board posting communities. The South Beach Diet is an alternative to strict low fat diets in that you will never go hungry. However, you will go with limited carbs. This will affect your energy level, so SmartMomma recommends that you try phase I of this diet only after the first three months postpartum. Also, nursing mothers should start at the more liberal phase II, rather than phase I. That being said, the South Beach Diet is a quick, effective way to lose those extra pounds. – The Zone Diet Advantage is the only Zone Web site endorsed by Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet. Recognized as one of the world's leading medical researchers on the hormonal effects of food, Dr. Sears has published 11 books on the Zone that have sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Now he's here to share his dietary secrets with you. Join him for his monthly chats and read his answers to your most frequently asked questions. Learn how he has helped millions of others — including famous Hollywood stars and world-class athletes — get in the Zone!

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