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Parenting a toddler can be challenging, to say the least. From the depths of separation anxiety to the joys of learning new words, this can be an anxious and exciting time. Finding the perfect balance of showing love and enforcing boundaries will result in your toddler's ability to thrive.
Every age is a great age, but the time your child is a toddler is special. This is the age he learns to walk, he learns to talk, and he begins to explore the world around him. You're all sure to have a great time watching him interact with the world around him. Enjoy!
Notably, many toddlers take a dive in the quality of their nutrition after introduced to finger foods. Many toddlers today are consuming high sugar juices and high fat, low nutrition foods. Find out how to get your toddler the vitamins and minerals he needs to thrive.
Toddlers love to play, especially with their mommies! You're their favorite playmate, because you're their favorite person. So go outside, or get down on the floor and play with your toddler. The memories you create will last forever.
Potty Training

Is your toddler ready to be rid of diapers? More importantly, are you ready?

Keeping our children safe is top priority of moms everwhere. Yet, sometimes it is difficult to know what resources are out there to help us accomplish our goals.
Toddler’s Health
Now that your toddler is mobile, it is sometimes harder to gauge his colds, viruses, and the seriousness of injuries. He is often too busy to notice. Luckily by now, you know your child well enough to determine when he's ready for a time out.
Toddler Behavior:
Make "No" an Effective Word

What is the most spoken word among toddlers today? That’s right, “No”. Why do toddlers prefer this word to others? Because it’s often the word they hear the most.

When we say “no” too often to our babies and toddlers, does the word lose its effect? Imagine being blind with no sense of touch, and finally being able to see and feel. Would you want to explore your world? Every light, every shiny object? Of course you would.

When you are saying “no” to your baby when he touches the things around him, you are saying “no” to his natural curiosity. Eventually, he will ignore you and go after things when you are not looking, or he will become anxious in his own home.

If this is the case, how do you protect your things and stop your baby from hurting himself? Some parents believe you should put up everything you don’t want your baby to touch. Others keep their house the same as pre-baby and keep saying “no”.

How about being somewhere in the middle? You definitely want to baby proof your home, but you should encourage your baby to touch as many objects and textures as possible. If he is curious about a certain knick knack on your coffee table, and you know that it’s delicate, teach him to touch delicately. “Gentle” is a great word to teach him. Squat behind him and show him a gentle touch. “Gentle” has a more open, pleasant connotation than “no”, don’t you think?

When do you use the “no” word? Make it a point to use “no” when your baby is doing something dangerous: Moving towards the fireplace, running towards the street, eating rocks. When you save your “no’s” for the important things, he will pay more attention.


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