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Morning Sickness & Excess Saliva

Morning sickness and excess saliva go hand in hand as one of the early pregnancy symptoms. At a moment’s notice, your mouth may feel hot and fill with saliva. You may or may not feel sick to your stomach, and you may or may not vomit.

The medical term for morning sickness is Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP). NVP may or may not occur in the morning. In fact, most women that experience NVP experience it at many different times of the day and night.

Morning Sickness usually rears its ugly head in the first trimester, often disappearing by the second trimester. It commonly occurs 6-8 weeks in the pregnancy and can last through week 12-16. Some women experience Morning Sickness throughout their whole pregnancy.

If you do experience morning sickness, there are some treatments and suggestions for relief:

  • The last thing you want to do is eat; however, if you don’t eat, this will only make you sicker. Try to eat several small meals throughout the day, rather than three large ones.
  • Nibble on saltines and drink ginger ale.
  • Avoid rich, fatty foods.
  • Chances are you will develop some food aversions. If you are bothered by a certain smell, ask those around you not to cook it until your sickness subsides.
  • Eat more carbs! (white potatoes, white rice, dry toast) Now is your chance.
  • Ginger Root Extract: Ginger root soothes your stomach and is safe in small quantities. Drinking ginger ale or ginger tea may help as well. A review of six studies in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology also reveals that cooking with ginger could offer the same relief as taking the ginger extract.
  • Eat gelatin, Popsicles, chicken broth, etc… Anything bland or light will do.
  • Morning Sickness Relief Band Works in Minutes - Worn on the underside of the wrist and is drug-free. No pre-planning, can be used before or even after symptoms begin.

NVP will not harm your baby. In fact, many doctors think it is a sign that your placenta is developing well. While the actual act of morning sickness will not harm your baby, lack of nutrition and anemia can possibly give you difficulties. If you have violent episodes of morning sickness, or if you feel consistently weak, consult your doctor.

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