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Baby’s Health
  If pregnancy wasn't enough to worry about, now you have a whole separate little person to look after.
Baby Needs
There are so many things you need before your baby is born, we thought we would list them for you. Take stock of the things you will need for baby, and remember that SmartMomma's store can help you with many of these needs!
  As your baby changes and grows, you will notice many new behaviors. Your baby is developing a personality of her own. Along with this exciting time comes some uncertainty, as you adjust to your baby's behaviors.
You've just found a new love in your life. Over the next few months, this love will grow and grow, as you witness his first smile, his first belly laugh, and his first steps. Cuddle your baby as often as you can. Before you know it, he will be a toddler on the go!
Infant Development
  See how your baby is developing month by month.
Keeping baby healthy goes hand in hand with your baby's nutrition. Whether you're breastfeeding, formula feeding, or moving on to table food, nutrition is key to giving your baby a head start in life.
  Play time for baby is a time where she can learn such skills as lifting her head, processing verbal cues, and learning about the world around her. The more you interact and play with your baby, the faster her intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development. So play hard mom!
Gone are the days of reckless abandon before you had kids. Now you worry every time they fall down, cough, or even look at you funny. While it is important to promote safety with baby, remember that spills will happen. With proper planning, you can minimize many dangers in baby's world just by using good old fashion common sense.  
Techniques to Stop Crying

When your baby is crying for a prolonged period of time, it can be quite overwhelming. Just remember that babies cry for a reason.

When your baby cannot communicate and tell you exactly what is wrong, it is up to you to find out. Go through the possible problems and solutions. If she is hungry, feed her. Change her diaper. Put her down for a nap. If none of these solutions work to stop your baby’s crying, you can try some of these techniques:

  • Infant Massage: Get your baby naked and lay her on a towel. Get some baby lotion and begin to massage her from feet to head. For more information on infant massage techniques, click here.
  • Jostle & Walk: Walk around with your baby over your shoulder. Jostle her lightly. The pressure on her tummy may ease any pain, and the rocking may put her to sleep.
  • Rock Your Baby: Rocking baby reminds her of being in the womb. It is very soothing and calming to your baby. Add nursing or a pacifier for an added effect.
  • Nurse: Even if your baby is not hungry, the soothing power of a mother’s breast is great for calming baby.
  • Pacifier: Just what the name says, it pacifies any crying!
  • Squats - Mike Kunkle Technique: This was submitted by a father of four. While holding baby over your shoulder and walking, squat like your sitting in a chair quickly. Stand up straight and repeat every few seconds. Besides working your quads, the roller coaster effect for your baby is somehow soothing.
  • Warm Bath: A warm bath soothes all of us.
  • Baby Swing: Invest in a good baby swing. This puts many babies at ease.
  • Car Seat: Put your baby in her car seat and drive around for a while. The motion of the car will soothe baby to sleep.
  • Distraction: Distract your baby with a toy or activity.
  • Tummy Time: If your baby is having stomach pains, put baby on her tummy with you in the room and rub her back.
  • Take a Break: If you are getting overwhelmed and anxious, your baby will sense this and lead to more crying. Try putting her into a safe place (like her crib) and walk out of the room and lie down on your bed for a few minutes. A little crying doesn’t hurt your baby and she may need to vent. Once you’ve taken some deep breaths and have calmed down, go back in and try some more techniques.

If you have tried everything and your baby does not want to stop crying, she may have colic or another medical condition. Call your Pediatrician for an appointment.

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